2016-17 North Jersey H.S. Bowling Report


03/25/17 – Bearing in mind that the Record focuses on Bergen-Passaic players, this post will nonetheless mention that former Stan Niemiec Youth Travel League bowler Erik Kattermann, a Montville senior, was selected by the Star-Ledger to All-State first team. Erik averaged 229 to lead unbeaten Montville to the Northwest Jersey Athletic Conference title as well as its fourth straight Morris County Title; in that County tournament, Erik rolled a spectacular 300-813. Also wish to point out current Stan Niemiec kegler Matt Burzynski, a Dickinson H.S. junior, named by the Star-Ledger to the Boys All-State Second Team; among other achievements, Matt led the Hudson County Interscholastic League with a 221+ average and has a 213+ mark in the Travel League.

Turning to Bergen-Passaic selections, North Jersey Bowler of the Year Madison Perry, a Hawthorne senior, was named to the Girls All-State third team. Making the Boys All-State third team were Dumont senior Kyle Schellberg, North Jersey Bowler of the Year, along with North Jersey first team selections: Pompton Lakes senior Nick Cilento, Fort Lee senior David Grant and Indian Hills senior Jared Duncan.  For those readers unaware of Bergen-Passaic County honorees, note the following:

ALL-BERGEN BOYS FIRST TEAM: David Grant, Jared Duncan, Kyle Schellberg, Ridgefield Park junior Derek Lewandowski, Lyndhurst senior Ryan Donohue, Indian Hills senior Jon Mormando and Indian Hills junior Ryan McGuire.

ALL-BERGEN BOYS SECOND TEAM: Ridgewood junior Matt Myers, Fair Lawn sophomore Nicholas Greco, Demarest junior Jordan Tse, Pascack Valley junior Henry Tipping, Pascack Valley senior Tom Smith, North Arlington sophomore Eric McKenna, Becton sophomore Trevor Deliantis and St Joseph senior Nathan Tombo.

ALL-BERGEN BOYS THIRD TEAM: Park Ridge/Emerson senior Nick Fabiano, Fair Lawn junior Tyler Nappi, North Arlington junior Kenny Bennett, Ridgewood freshman Brian Skettini, Pascack Valley sophomore Brian Biml and Bergen Catholic senior Kyle Laube.

ALL-BERGEN GIRLS FIRST TEAM: Paramus Catholic senior Kristen Kane, Ridgefield Park senior Danielle Quitola, Northern Highlands senior Emily Mamunes, AHA senior Tiffany Sucero, Hackensack sophomore Arielle Wallace, AHA junior Alexa Hernandez and Teaneck freshman Mia Aish.

                                                                                                                                             PAGE TWO

ALL-BERGEN GIRLS SECOND TEAM: Bergen Tech senior Olivia Wank, Teaneck freshman Margaux Lesser, Paramus Catholic junior Victoria Vucak, Westwood senior Kristen Benavente, Teaneck senior Gail Kelly, Westwood senior Gabrielle Stellacci and Lyndhurst senior Naomi Ramos.

ALL-BERGEN GIRLS THIRD TEAM: Lyndhurst senior Tyla D’Andrea, AHA senior Ciara Mottley, Leonia sophomore Gabrielle Capalad, Ramsey junior Angela DiNallo, Paramus senior Jenai Bacote, Ramsey sophomore Lindsay Pepper and Dumont senior Kendra Chaiken.




ALL-PASSAIC BOYS FIRST TEAM: Pompton Lakes seniors’ Nick Cilento, Esteban Garcia, Pompton Lakes junior David Neil, Hawthorne senior Steve Plaszky, Hawthorne sophomore Hunter Perry, Clifton sophomores’ Johann Gamo, Joseph Paolillo and West Milford junior Andrew Finke.

ALL-PASSAIC BOYS SECOND TEAM: Wayne Hills senior Patrick Mayer, Wayne Hills juniors’ Nick Kent, Matt Klarberg, Steven Neri, Lakeland senior Dan Hecker, Passaic Tech senior George Vega, Clifton sophomore Tyler Stilley, Hawthorne senior Nicholas Hauser and Eastern Christian sophomore Rylan DeWaal Malefyt.

ALL-PASSAIC GIRLS FIRST TEAM: Hawthorne senior Madison Perry, Clifton senior Gabby Pangaro, Wayne Valley senior Claudine Rosca, Wayne Valley junior Hayley D’Alessandro, Wayne Valley freshman Marissa Cosentini, Manchester junior Shannon Baer, Passaic Tech junior Maryann Ramirez and West Milford sophomore Jenn Goldberg.

ALL-PASSAIC GIRLS SECOND TEAM: Lakeland senior Kellie Affinito, Lakeland junior Julia Paradiso, Mary Help sophomore Bryonna Richburg, Wayne Valley junior Melody Morris, DePaul senior Morgan O’Neill, Hawthorne freshman Amanda Madara, West Milford sophomore Jessica Goldberg and Manchester junior Diane Toszer.





2016-17 Stan Niemiec Youth Travel League


Montvale, NJ 03-19-17 – Hi-Tor I’s Johnny Toscano started his match with a spare and then ran the sheet for a 290 marvel, signaling a banner scoring onslaught by the Stan Niemiec Travel League bowlers. Johnny followed with games of 263-217 to finish with 770, the session’s high threesome as he led his squad to a scorching 2621 net series and a 19-13 victory over a tough Lodi unit. On a morning that featured a remarkable sixty deuces and twenty-two “600+” threesomes, one would have thought the venue was Holiday rather than Montvale. Joining Toscano on the leaderboard were teammates Mark Shapiro 254-208: 624, Matt Cona 233-214: 624 and Gabe Duran 204: 593. Lodi produced plenty of firepower as well, blitzing the pin decks with seven “200s”; Tyler Nappi rattled the plastic-coats with 237-221: 645; North Jersey Bowler of the Year Madison Perry fired 625 with games of 199-225-201; Steve Plaszky scorched the maples with 217-218 and Hassan Izzard delivered a 204.

The telescores manifested an abundance of strikes with enough turkeys to start a poultry farm. T-Bowl’s anchor Tommy Luchetta had a rough start, but figured out the lanes in game three when he strung the first ten Ks, but had to be content with a 286 as his eleventh shot left a light pocket 7-10. Teammate Dylan Heinold combined scores of 215-205 with 243 for a 663 set and Mostafa Saleh added 192-190 as T-Bowl exploded for 1111 [909 net], coming from behind to catch Holiday I, 17-15 [2962-2928]. Pounding the bedeviled pins with resounding force, the latter produced four “600s” led by Jon Mormando’s triple deuce 699 [221-234-244]; Nick Cilento blasted 254: 634, Alex McGuire 237-203: 631 and Frank Magyar 223-212: 613.

In a classic faceoff for this year’s title, Montvale closed to within four points of front-running Holiday II, edging the leaders, 17-15 by escaping with the four-point wood total via a single pin, 2968-2967. All-North Second Team Henry Tipping, a Pascack Valley junior, enjoyed a banner day, closing with monster games of 277-257 for a 728, the session’s second best set; Nick Fabiano also helped Montvale’s cause with 245-213: 648. Holiday II amassed eight deuces: Justin Milligan 226, Michael Milligan 225 with the balance split between Devin Crowley 217-225-245: 687 and Jared Duncan 203-215-204: 622.

Finishing Position Round play, Bergen-Passaic Bowler of the Year Kyle Schellberg carved out 721 [240-244-237], Gabby Pangaro excelled with 268-225: 675 and Kristen Kane shot 657 [200-235-222] to carry Bowler City I past Hi-Tor II, 28-4. All of the latter’s points were earned by Vinny Avallone with a steady 204-202: 598. Lastly, Bowler City III dropped game one, but came back with a vengeance to beat Bowler City II, 23-9, firing nine “200s”: Steve DeFabiis 216-243-223: 684, David Grant 210-202-243: 655, George Ferguson 227-213: 649 and Tiffany Sucero 215. Scoring well for BC II were Louis Ferrante 262: 645, Matt Burzynski 258: 639 and Samantha Bruno whose 198 was a stellar +62 over average.







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2016-17 North Jersey H.S. Bowling Report


03/18/17 – Not long after the finish of the NJSIAA Bowling Tournament of Champions, Bergen-Passaic high school bowlers learned whether or not they had been selected by the respective Coaches Associations for the honor of all-county recognition. Publication of the chosen elite wasn’t made until this week by the Bergen Record which announced this season’s All-North selections. Bowlers of the Year are Hawthorne senior Madison Perry [192.4] who won out over similarly gifted keglers’ Kristen Kane, a Paramus Catholic senior and Clifton senior Gabriella Pangaro while Dumont senior Kyle Schellberg [219.2*] got the nod over Pompton Lakes’ senior Nick Cilento and Fort Lee senior David Grant. (* weighted average= 70% league, 15% each County and Sectional Tournaments) The Record’s pick for North Jersey Boys Coach of the Year is Pascack Valley’s Judy Lucia and the Girls Coach of the Year honor went to Teaneck’s Stephanie Baer. County selections will be addressed in a separate post. Here are the boys and girls All-North honorees in Bergen-Passaic:

ALL-NORTH BOYS FIRST TEAM: Pompton Lakes senior Nick Cilento, Lyndhurst senior Ryan Donohue, Indian Hills senior Jared Duncan, Clifton sophomore Johann Gamo, Fort Lee senior David Grant, Ridgefield Park junior Derek Lewandowski and Dumont senior Kyle Schellberg.

ALL-NORTH BOYS SECOND TEAM: West Milford junior Andrew Finke, Fair Lawn sophomore Nick Greco, Indian Hills junior Ryan McGuire, Indian Hills senior Jonathan Mormando, Ridgewood junior Matt Myers, Pascack Valley junior Henry Tipping and Demarest junior Jordan Tse.

ALL-NORTH GIRLS FIRST TEAM: Wayne Valley freshman Marissa Cosentini, Paramus Catholic senior Kristen Kane, Northern Highlands senior Emily Mamunes, Clifton senior Gabriella Pangaro, Hawthorne senior Madison Perry, Ridgefield Park senior Danielle Quitola and Academy of Holy Angels senior Tiffany Sucero.

ALL-NORTH GIRLS SECOND TEAM: Teaneck freshman Mia Aish, Westwood senior Kristen Benavente, Academy of Holy Angels junior Alexa Hernandez, Teaneck freshman Margaux Lesser, Wayne Valley senior Claudine Rosca, Hackensack sophomore Arielle Wallace and Bergen Tech senior Olivia Wank.

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2016-17 Stan Niemiec Youth Travel League Report


Oakland, NJ 03-05-17 – Taking into account that the high-octane scoring machines from Hi-Tor were absent due to their participation in the NYSPHSAA Championships in Rochester, NY, the numbers posted in this week’s Stan Niemiec youth travelers’ session at Holiday Bowl were impressive: forty “200s”, three “700s”, three “650s” and five “600s”.

Paramus Catholic senior Kristen Kane who earlier this season in the Bergen County Tournament clobbered Bowler City’s maples with an astonishing 237-224-299:760 almost matched it with another outstanding threesome of 278-234-247: 759 for her Bowler City I team. Also reaching the coveted “700” plateau was Joseph “Hammer” Mahoney who continued to “hammer” [sorry, couldn’t resist it] the pin decks with 235-278-204:717; his Montvale teammates Matthew Russell and Henry Tipping added to the pins misery, racking up superb numbers of 257-207-236:700 and 187-218-248: 653 respectively.

Second place Holiday II took another step closer to the crest held by Hi-Tor I by sweeping past Bowler City II, 27-5 with a dazzling 2417 net [201+/player] highlighted by steady scoring from southpaw Jared Duncan’s triple deuce 670 [223-226-221] and sister Rachel’s 613 [207-203-203]; the Milligan brothers were sharp as well with Michael firing 220-198 and Justin 199-192. On the clout of Matt Burzynski’s 278 and 14-year-old Louis Ferrante’s 207, Bowler City II stayed with the victors in the opener before falling 1042-1022; Matt finished the match with 644 while Louis totaled 564.

Posting a solid 2316 net threesome, fourth place Lodi fended off a surging fifth place T-Bowl squad, 21-11 [2843-2787]; Steve Plaszky’s 643 [219-200-224] anchored the Lodi offense which produced first-rate posts from teammates’ Hassan Izzard 233, Tyler Nappi 211 and Hunter Perry 199-196. Quarterbacking T-Bowl’s efforts were Tom Luchetta 201-191, Dylan Heinold 196 and Mostafa Saleh who delivered a huge over-average 195 finish.

In the finest played encounter of the session, Bowler City III and Holiday I combined to record thirteen deuces with the former prevailing 20-12 [2895-2792]; seven of those “200s” were in a classic third game duel won by Holiday I, 868-842 net [1023-1018]. Leading the pin splintering for BC III were Derek Lewandowski 648 [226-213-209], David Grant 604 [triggered with a 244 single], Peter Bondy 225-203 and Michael Bellafemini a league personal best 219. Engineering Holiday I’s pin bombardment was Frank Magyar with his triple deuce 651 [212-215-224] with ample backing from Alex McGuire 218: 592, Jon Mormando 216: 587 and Angela Dinallo 210.





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2016-17 Stan Niemiec Youth Travel League


Wayne, NJ 02-26-17 – Forced into a double-session due to an ice storm postponement February 12th, the Stan Niemiec players who bowled in both sessions were challenged by the necessary adjustments to be made on lanes blessed with fresh oil in the morning and drier conditions in the afternoon. Some managed to score well in both scenarios, others didn’t. Judging from the numbers, “wet” lanes were preferable; there were forty-six “200s”, two “700s” and twelve “600+” sets in the morning compared to the afternoon’s thirty-one deuces, one “700” and eight “600+” threesomes. Those faring the best in the twin bill were Kyle Schellberg 1398 [716-682], Matt Burzynski 1312 [738-574], Derek Lewandowski 1301 [596-705], 13-year-old Joseph “Hammer” Mahoney 1267 [616-651], Johnny Toscano 1234 [643-591], Nicole Cona 1225 [578-647] and Nick Cilento 1220 [599-621]. Toscano had an unusual first session middle game: after throwing a second frame channel ball on an opening spare, the shock of same must have served as a wake-up call as he then ran the table with eleven consecutive sweeps of the pin decks to finish with 270.

Excellent numbers from those who only participated in the morning match-ups: Hassan Izzard 662, David Grant 648, Wade Chamberlain 643, Frank Magyar 620 and Peter Bondy 612. The three highest sets from players who only rolled in the more challenging afternoon session were Esteban Garcia 622, Jared Duncan 588 and Steven DeFabiis 573.

When the smoke cleared from the last deliveries to the pin decks, the squad making the biggest noise was T-Bowl with wins of 29-3 and 23-9 over Montvale and Hi-Tor II respectively; snaring fifty-two of sixty-four points catapulted T-Bowl from eighth to fifth place. Bowler City III upset league-leading Hi-Tor I, 22.5-9.5 and then rolled past Bowler City I, 21.5-10.5 to skip by Holiday I into eighth place. Holiday II regained the runner-up slot by splitting their contests, besting Holiday I, 24-9 before bowing to Hi-Tor I, 20-12. Third place Montvale recovered nicely from their morning drubbing to sweep past Lodi which slipped from second to fourth position in the standings, 28.5-3.5; it was a rough day for Lodi which also dropped their morning encounter with Bowler City II, 23-9.

Other fine morning sets not mentioned above were: Vinny Avallone 627, Kristen Kane 626, Nick Greco 620, Mercedes Morel 617, Gabby Pangaro 611 and Matt Cona 609. The day’s top singles for those rolling less than “600”: Tiffany Sucero 232, Hunter Perry 226, Ryan Kitz 224, Chris Torres 224, Akira DeLoatch 222, Jared Duncan 219-218, Tyler Nappi 211, Dylan Heinold 209, David Neil 204-202, Tommy Luchetta 203, Mike Milligan 203, Victoria Vucak 203, Janina Santoro 202 and Henry Tipping 201.



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2016-17 Stan Niemiec Youth Travel League


Hackensack, NJ 02-19-17 – Of the eleven “600s” rolled by the youth travelers at Bowler City Sunday, Madison Perry’s session best 666 [217-245-204] and teammate Nick Greco’s 638 [236-212-190] were particularly significant. Spearheading a potent lineup that included Tyler Nappi’s 226 and Hassan Izzard’s 200, the pair led surging Lodi into second place with a 24-8 [2929-2786] triumph over Hi-Tor II. On an afternoon when high scores were at a premium, the fifth place New Yorkers were gifted with a stellar outing from Tappan Zee sophomore Vincent Avallone 638 [234-194-210] and decent numbers tallied by Isabella Palamaro 200-192 and Mercedes Morel 190-181.

Bowler City III exploded for three “600s” and seven deuces in its 27-5 [2997-2845] win over Montvale. Storming the pin decks for the victors were Derek Lewandowski 641 [241-191-209], 14-year-old George Ferguson executing a season high 639 [226-191-222], David Grant finishing strong with 227-215 [602] and Bergen Catholic freshman Michael Bellafemini supplying a closing 200. Rolling well for Montvale were Henry Tipping with a triple deuce 638 [221-205-212], Matt Russell 218-195, Ryan Kitz 195-190 and Michaella Raab contributing a 179 finish.

In a tightly contested match with each game decided by twenty pins or less, front-running Hi-Tor I outlasted Holiday I, 21.5-10.5 [2741-2736]. On a challenging pair, both normally high-scoring squads sputtered somewhat, but still managed to produce satisfactory results. Fueling Hi-Tor I were Johnny Toscano 241-202-196: 639 and Brandon Smith 245-214: 633, with chip-ins from Matthew Cona 204 and Mark Shapiro 199-197. Top scorers for Holiday I were Alex McGuire 626 [221-193-212], Nick Cilento 222-215 and Frank Magyar 209.

Bowler City I’s Kristen Kane 215 and Kristen Benavente 205 were the only deuces on the pair in the team’s 20-12 [2668-2625] victory over Holiday II. Pacing the latter was Justin Milligan 192: 555 while anchor Wade Chamberlain struck for a tenth frame double and nine-count in game two to effect a tie and a split of the game’s four points.

Completing the day’s schedule, T-Bowl continued its march up the standings, closing to within a point of seventh place by sweeping three games from Bowler City II, 27-5 [2950-2699]. Wayne Hills’ freshmen Thomas Luchetta 246: 606 and Dylan Heinold 221: 584 powered the T-Bowl offense while short-handed BC II’s best was posted by Arielle Wallace 200-190.


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2017 NJSIAA Boys Team Championships


North Brunswick, NJ 02/17/17 – Last week’s Central Jersey Sectional at Bowlero Carolier was a harbinger of what would occur at the NJSIAA Team Championships. Of the eight squads who advanced from the Sectional, five (East Brunswick, South Brunswick, Monroe, Woodbridge, Manasquan) [Groups 1,3,4] came in 1 or 2 and two others [Group 2] finished 3-4. East Brunswick’s Bears exploded at the CJS with an astounding 3400; returning to the same venue six days later, they had to be considered favorites for at least the Group 4 crown. However, Central Jersey rival South Brunswick sprang from the gate with an 1105 and a 114 pin lead over the Bears; still down 45 sticks entering the finale, East Brunswick put together a tremendous 1116 to overtake the Vikings to win the Group and meet Group 2 champion Sussex Tech in the Tournament of Champions semi-finals. Nothing would stop the Bears now as they steamrolled past the Mustangs, 3-0 and prevailed over Group 1 champion Manasquan, 3-1 to earn the coveted TOC Title. High individual games: Montville’s Peter Ho and Woodbridge’s James Stoveken 290, Maple Shade’s Dan Kelly 289, South Brunswick’s Nick Delacruz 287, Lyndhurst’s James Podolsky, Indian Hills’ Jon Mormando 279 and Ryan Donohue 278, Fort Lee’s David Grant and Pompton Lakes’ Esteban Garcia 266.

North Jersey’s best squad efforts came from Pompton Lakes [Esteban Garcia 688, Nick Cilento 253] which led Group 1 till late in game three when the Cardinals were caught by Manasquan. Wayne Hills [Patrick Mayer 626] and Pascack Valley [Tom Smith 634] finished 3-4 in the power-packed Group 3.

Group 4: East Brunswick [991-1051-1116] 3166, South Brunswick [1105-990-1057] 3152, Shawnee 3103, Cherry Hill East 3097, Dickinson 2955, St Peter’s Prep 2773, Union 2683, Livingston 2655, Ridgewood 2580, Northern Highlands 2556. Group 3: Monroe Twp [1092-1083-1052] 3227, Woodbridge 3090, Wayne Hills 3018, Pascack Valley 2995, Toms River South 2943, Sparta 2928, Brick Twp 2884, Warren Hills 2878, Indian Hills 2825, Scotch Plains-Fanwood 2823. Group 2: Sussex Tech [963-1083-1064] 3110, Montville [1132-983-992] 3107, St Joseph (Met.) 3041, Ocean Twp 2968, Lacey 2870, Hawthorne, Lyndhurst 2839, Seneca 2812, Jefferson Twp 2690, Fort Lee 2662. Group 1: Manasquan [1005-1022-1083] 3110, Pompton Lakes 3040, Roselle Park 3039, Maple Shade 2970, Hudson Catholic 2933, Bishop Ahr 2756, Hasbrouck Heights 2720, Jonathan Dayton 2678, Becton 2662, Cinnaminson 2595. Baker Format TOC: Semis: East Brunswick 3 Sussex Tech 0, Manasquan 3 Monroe 2; Final: East Brunswick 3 Manasquan 1.

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