2015-2016 Stan Niemiec Youth Travel League


Boonton, NJ 11-22-15 – In Stan Niemiec Youth Travel play, Hi-Tor’s Brandon Smith became the third member of his team to take or share center stage this season. The 15-year-old lifted his lofty average to 211with 654, the day’s best threesome, closing with scores of 222-243. Brandon’s efforts weren’t enough to prevent his team from dropping five points to host Boonton, 2828-2677;  shorthanded this week, Hi-Tor extended its losing skein to five matches, despite continued impressive outings from Smith, Johnny Toscano 228: 610 and Antonino Sparta 222: 606. Crushing the maples for Boonton were Adam Gelvan 222-209: 623, Erik Kattermann 205-200 and 13-year-old Andrew Donnelly who rolled a 203 in his league debut.

Holiday I’s Lilly Sigona strung the first nine strikes in her middle game, causing bowlers and spectators alike to be temporarily frozen as she stepped on the approach for the tenth frame. The Caldwell freshman pulled her delivery across the headpin, leaving the six-pin, but she still finished with 267, the session’s best single; Lilly’s torrid teammates all smashed the “600” barrier in Holiday I’s 2836-2746 triumph over Holiday II: David Neil 228-203: 623, Nick Cilento 224-202: 616 and Frank Magyar 223: 602. Posting deuces for Holiday II were Jared Duncan 200-208-224: 632, Wade Chamberlain 204-201, Tom Chamberlain 206 and Devin Crowley 202.

Montvale took over first place with a 2914-2748 six-point victory over Bowler City II; splintering the plastic-sticks for Montvale was anchor Matt Russell 264-213: 638 with help from Dan Sproviero 200, James Reagan-Ward 199 and two over-average games from Michaella Raab. Scoring well for BC II were Northern Highlands senior Allie Woodhouse 207-202 and Arielle Wallace with a 188 single.

Bowler City III moved into third place, two points off the lead, by virtue of its conquest of Bowler City I, 2789-2779; sparking the victors were Holy Angels junior Tiffany Sucero who improved her average to 188 with a strong 233: 618 and St Joseph Regional junior Nathan Tombo 222-206. Leading BC I were Gabby Pangaro 236 and Kyle Schellberg 207-200.

Ending the day’s activity, Fair Lawn earned seven points from the vacancy thanks to the combined skills of Matt Myers 236-203: 627, Tyler Nappi 220-214: 600 and Hunter Perry 205.




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2015-2016 Stan Niemiec Youth Travel League


Oakland, NJ 11-15-15 – Lately, it seems to make little difference where the venue is for the Stan Niemiec Youth Travel League. The season’s second visit to Holiday Bowl was extremely fruitful for the young bowlers whose 20,772 net pinfall chased the plastic-sticks off the pin decks into their bunkers; the onslaught produced a pair of 700s, ten 600s and forty-two deuces.

In the session’s best matchup, first place Holiday II and Fair Lawn engaged in a classic match won by the leaders, 3212-3034 and highlighted by seven deuces rolled by the players who posted a composite 4896 net [204 average]. Particularly impressive were the two anchors: Fair Lawn’s Steve Plaszky exploded for 264-212-257: 733 and Holiday II’s talented southpaw Jared Duncan didn’t miss a beat, hammering out 242-227-267: 736. Other highs for Fair Lawn: Nicholas Greco 235-200: 611, Madison Perry 208: 575 and Jake Nappi 200; For Holiday II: Devin Crowley 217-201: 604, Justin Milligan 220 and Michael Milligan 212.

Hi-Tor continued to put up strong numbers, but fell to Montvale, 2908-2840. Powering the New Yorkers were 13-year-old Nick Varano 247-217-232: 696, Brandon Smith 244-207: 625, Johnny Toscano 228-214 and 11-year-old newcomer Victoria Varano 192: 557. Sparking the victors were Joseph “Hammer” Mahoney 236: 595 and Chris Torres 232: 588 with teammates’ Michaella Raab and Dan Sproviero chipping in with singles of 192 and 184 respectively.

In another high-scoring affair, Bowler City III earned four points as they edged past Holiday I on the strength of superb outings from Derek Lewandowski 246-235: 630, David Grant 234, Nick Reyes 205: 587 and Peter Bondy 195.  Host squad Holiday I lit up the leaderboard with 2453 net: David Neil 234-205-220: 659, Nick Cilento 218-205: 621, Alex McGuire 212-206: 612 and Ryan McGuire 204.

Despite rolling shorthanded, Bowler City II captured four of seven points from Bowler City I behind the efforts of Matt Burzynski 247-246: 642 and Arielle Wallace 184-180. Pacing BC I was Dumont junior Kyle Schellberg 242-210: 630 with creditable singles from Gabby Pangaro 192 and Trevor Savoye 191. Closing out the day’s schedule, Boonton’s keglers swept seven points from the vacancy with fine scores from Peter Hancock 245, Mark Howarth 208-193: 581 and Rocco Pascale who broke loose with a season best 202-191: 578.



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2015-2016 Stan Niemiec Youth Travel League


Fair Lawn, NJ 11-08-15 – In the Stan Niemiec Youth Travel League’s first appearance of the season at Fair Lawn Lanes, the house plastic-sticks succumbed meekly to the onslaught of the young keglers, surrendering forty-one “200s”, three “700s” and five “600s”. Three players flirted with perfection: Holiday II’s Esteban Garcia with the front seven, teammate Tom Chamberlain with eight and Boonton’s Erik Kattermann the first eleven, stopped by a cross-over pocket 6-pin. Tom Chamberlain lifted his average to 214 with his stellar 236-233-268: 737, the session’s best threesome. His Holiday II squad flushed the pin deck with a closing 891 net in a sweep of seven points from the vacancy; in addition to Tom’s 268, Esteban posted 236, Wade Chamberlain 194 [following a second game 202] and Jared Duncan 193.

When the dust of obliterated pins had settled, Erik Kattermann’s 231-200-299: 730 put Boonton over the top, snapping a seven-game losing skein with five of seven points against Bowler City I; also rolling well were mates’ Mark Howarth 214:202: 607, Peter Hancock 193-188 and Rocco Pascale 183. Sparking BC I were Jonmikal Sepero 223, Anthony Rizzo 223-201 and Kristen Kane 210-205.

Despite continuing to put up huge numbers, Hi-Tor dropped its third consecutive contest, this one to a torrid Fair Lawn team which predictably shot well on its home turf; Fair Lawn lit up the telescores: Hunter Perry 241-213, Tyler Nappi 225-223: 625, Matt Myers 221-204 and Hassan Izzard 202 in recording team handicap highs of 1093-1048 in snaring five points, 3068-2899. Hi-Tor’s posts were impressive as usual: Brandon Smith 235-257-214: 706, Nick Varano 234-214-206: 654, Johnny Toscano 237-204: 621 and 14-year-old Joseph Ardiri with a closing 191 single.

Bowler City III moved into a three-way tie for second place by knocking Bowler City II from the top rung, 2603-2493 behind Nathan Tombo 230, Derek Lewandowski 213 and Gianni Calzadilla 199-189. BC II’s best was Matt Burzynski’s third game 213.

 Rounding out the day’s action, Montvale benefited from a clutch tenth frame double by anchor Henry Tipping to win a nail-biter finale and five of seven points from Holiday I, 2865-2749; Henry ignited his team with 227-202 while Joseph Mahoney contributed a 220, Chris Torres a pair of 199 singles and Dan Sproviero 187. Holiday I’s Frank Magyar excelled with 245-211: 650; Nick Cilento added 215-212, Lilly Sigona 211-201 and David Neil 190.

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2015-2016 Stan Niemiec Youth Travel League


Hackensack, NJ 11-01-15 – Dickinson H.S. southpaw Matt Burzynski fashioned a 269, his second of the young season and added a 233-192: 694 to earn Stan Niemiec Youth Travel League Bowler of the Week honors. Bowler City’s pins trembled when they saw Matt relentlessly firing that grenade, sending them scurrying for cover in the pit. With additional firepower from 13-year-old Louis Ferrante 218-214 and Allie Woodhouse 210-194, Bowler City II strengthened its precarious hold on first place, taking seven points in a shocking sweep of powerhouse Hi-Tor, 2937-2688. The New Yorkers scored well, posting a bevy of deuces: Nino Sparta 268, Johnny Toscano 237, Brandon Smith 214 and newcomer Justin Ramos 205, but the quartet came up short, dropping their second straight match to BC II.

Montvale moved into a share of second place as the squad extended its winning streak to six games, garnering all seven points from the vacancy. 12-year-old Joseph Mahoney’s 223-202: 607, Matt Russell’s 214: 585 and James Reagan-Ward’s 200 were enough to seal the deal.

On lanes where both squads struggled, Bowler City III kept pace with Montvale by snaring all seven points from Boonton, 2597-2447. BC III had no deuces but a combined consistency was the difference in the outcome: Derek Lewandowski 192-191. Gianni Calzadilla 189, Peter Bondy 182 and David Grant 180; Top singles for Boonton were Erik Kattermann 211 and Peter Hancock 195.

Holiday II, which has now won nineteen of its last twenty-one points, continued its surge up the standings by shutting out Bowler City I, 2689-2462. Top performers for the victors were Jared Duncan 247-216: 630 and Pompton Lakes junior Estaban Garcia 216; top singles for BC I belonged to Anthony Rizzo 192 and Paramus Catholic junior Kristen Kane 186.

In the afternoon’s most competitive matchup, Holiday I came away with four points against Fair Lawn whose huge margin of victory in the opener allowed the team to hold on to the wood point, 2793-2747. Igniting Holiday I were Nick Cilento 248-210, Indian Hills’ junior Jon Mormando 224-201and Angela Dinallo 200. Fair Lawn’s players all recorded decent numbers: Tyler Nappi 214: 584, Madison Perry 209, Steve Plaszky 204-197 and Jake Nappi 188.


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2015-2016 Stan Niemiec Youth Travel League


Montvale, NJ 10-25-15 – Facing a challenging oil pattern this session, the Stan Niemiec Youth Travelers found it difficult to consistently carry the pocket and yet showed their considerable skills in putting up creditable scores. Holiday I’s Frank Magyar topped the leaderboard with 236-176-265: 677, but likely wishes he could have that third game tenth frame delivery back. Frank had strung the first nine strikes only to be saddled with an open, failing to convert the thorny 4-6-7 split. Fueled by Magyar’s superb game, teammates’ Nick Cilento and Alex McGuire fired 237 and 199 respectively to help Holiday I salvage two points from Bowler City I; the latter won the position encounter, 2844-2826 behind Anthony Rizzo who continued to sizzle, carving out a triple deuce 650 [226-212-212]; contributing to the victory were Gabby Pangaro 221 and Janina Santoro 197: 567.

In a clash of the top two teams, Bowler City II, despite being shorthanded, leapfrogged past Hi-Tor, capturing five of seven points, 2751-2658; Northern Highlands’ senior Allie Woodhouse sparked the winners with 221-192 with help from Louis Ferrante 200-194 and Olivia Wank 180. Hi-Tor used a lineup that was averaging 204.5/player and recorded a flurry of deuces: Nick Varano 244-213, Johnny Toscano 226-220 and Brandon Smith 204, but the fine numbers weren’t enough to catch their opponents.

The Montvale entry was glad to be home, evident in solid scores leading to a sweep of Boonton, 2919-2691. Jumping four slots to third place, the victors were powered by Nick Fabiano 212-203: 605, Chris Torres 220, Matt Russell 206 and Joseph “Hammer” Mahoney 202. Highlighting Boonton’s effort was Erik Kattermann 226-217: 608, aided by Peter Hancock 225-192 and Mark Howarth 194-188. In another position matchup, Holiday II took five points from Bowler City III, 2758-2600 as the Chamberlain brothers rose to the occasion with 235-213: 616 posted by anchor Tom and Wade with 206-188. Best for BC III were St Joseph junior Nathan Tombo 211: 590 and Ridgefield Park sophomore Derek Lewandowski 188-185.

Rounding out the day’s schedule, Fair Lawn bounced back big time after a lackluster opener with scores of 956-963 to earn five points against the vacancy. Nick Greco caught fire with 213-248: 622, Matt Myers had 212 and Steve Plaszky 194.


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2015-2016 Stan Niemiec Youth Travel League


West Haverstraw, NY 10-18-15 – The Stan Niemiec Youth Travel keglers crossed the North Jersey border for their first session ever at Hi-Tor Lanes and took no prisoners in their annihilation of the plastic-coats, exploding for fifty-seven “200s” and seventeen “600s”.

Predictably, the host squad Hi-Tor lit up the leaderboard with 2540, the afternoon’s best net threesome, an average of 211.67/player, as they won five of seven points from Bowler City I; Johnny Toscano, now sporting a 229 average, led the onslaught with 222-215-234: 671 while his teammates all posted huge numbers: Brandon Smith 251-213: 656, Nino Sparta 211-203-225: 639 and Nick Sparta with 212, 207. Bowler City I put together a strong 830 net to snare the opener, but couldn’t stay with the victors’ scorching tempo. Pacing BC I were Kyle Schellberg 221-199-226: 646 and Anthony Rizzo 210-216-203: 629; Gabby Pangaro and Kristen Kane chipped in with 203 and 196 respectively.

Bowler City II fell two points back of first place Hi-Tor by dropping two of three games to Boonton in a match dominated by high numbers. Boonton’s quartet fired eight deuces: Erik Kattermann 247-215-237: 699, Peter Hancock 205-205-211: 621, Rocco Pascale 203 and Mark Howarth 202. Igniting BC II was Matt Burzynski 189-231-269: 689 with added “200s” from Arielle Wallace 224, Allie Woodhouse 203 and Jack Curillo 200.

In the day’s tightest match, Bowler City III edged Fair Lawn, 2928-2885, grabbing five points in the process. David Grant posted 238, Peter Bondy 231, Nathan Tombo 224-202: 618 and Derek Lewandowski 217-201. Powering Fair Lawn were Nick Greco 255: 632, Steve Plaszky 236-227: 627, Tyler Nappi 204 and Hunter Perry 190.

Torrid Holiday II blasted 3087, the league’s best handicap set, in its sweep of Montvale; crushing the maples for the victors were Jared Duncan 238-238-222: 698, Tom Chamberlain 226-234: 640 and Wade Chamberlain 215-219-205: 639. Best for Montvale: Dan Sproviero 212 and Henry Tipping 207-201.

In the session’s final contest, Holiday I swept seven points from the vacancy behind Frank Magyar 258-237: 681, David Neil 247-224: 650, Jon Mormando 218-212: 612 and Ryan McGuire 211-194.














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2015-2016 Stan Niemiec Youth Travel League


Boonton, NJ 10-11-15 – Talent laden Hi-Tor showed its depth with the debut of 13-year-old Nick Varano who led the youth travelers at Boonton with an impressive 219-227-256: 702; although teammates’ Johnny Toscano and Brandon Smith added strong sets of 243: 657 and 231: 626, the team suffered its first setback of the season, dropping five of seven points to Bowler City III, 2858-2755. The latter was sparked by a superior outing from Holy Angels’ junior Tiffany Sucero who lit up the overhead telescore with 246-207-204: 657; her mates also had respectable sets, highlighted by fine singles from Peter Bondy 215, Derek Lewandowski 195 and Gianni Calzadilla 194.

Hawthorne junior Madison Perry made her first appearance of the season a memorable one, firing her best threesome ever: 204-237-237: 678 for Fair Lawn but, despite Ridgewood sophomore Matt Myers chipping in with 201: 568, the squad ran into a torrid Montvale quartet which came away with all seven points. Pascack Valley sophomore Henry Tipping led the victors with 211: 600 with help from Nick Fabiano 197, Chris Torres 193 and Joseph Mahoney, a pair of 187s.

Nick Cilento broke loose with 236 and 267, the afternoon’s best single, finishing with 684 to pace Holiday I to a hard-earned five of seven points, 3023-3002 over Boonton. Also scoring well for the winners were Frank Magyar 236-226: 644, Lilly Sigona 193-183 and newcomer Angela Dinallo with two over-average scores. Leading Boonton was 14-year-old Peter Hancock, mastering the lanes with 671, closing with stellar games of 247-244.

With aid from 13-year-old Louis Ferrante 203-195, Dickinson sophomore Matt Burzynski blasted 225-222 as Bowler City II bounced back from an opening game blowout to snare four points from Holiday II. The Chamberlain brothers helped secure the wood point for Holiday II, 2787-2771 as Tom posted a triple deuce 226-201-212: 639 and Wade an opening game 198.

Kyle Schellberg mercilessly crushed the plastic-coats, chasing them into the pit with scores of 246-215-213: 674 as Bowler City I cruised to seven points against the vacancy. Posting good numbers as well were Janina Santoro 207, thirteen-year-old Trevor Savoye 201 and Clifton junior Gabby Pangaro who tallied 182-194 in her first appearance with the youth travelers.
















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