2016-2017 Stan Niemiec Youth Travel League


 Montvale, NJ 10-16-16 – Justin Milligan didn’t reach “600” as his teammates did, but his second game 261 was the session’s top single and jump-started Holiday II to an early season high-water mark 913 net as the quartet outslugged Montvale 18-14 in the Stan Niemiec Youth Travel League’s highest scoring match of the day. Helping Justin pound the maples for the victors were Jared Duncan 218-236-212: 666, Rachel Duncan 213-222-200: 635 and Devin Crowley 234: 612. Montvale’s high rollers exploded for a league best 2591 net, just shy of averaging 216 for the set; 13-year-old Joseph “Hammer” Mahoney led the barrage by hammering [sorry, couldn’t resist that] the pin deck with 221-258-216: 695 followed by Henry Tipping 213-228-203: 644, Ryan Kitz 211-211-212: 634 and Matt Russell 223-208: 618.

In an engaging face-off, Bowler City II closed with a flurry to overtake Hi-Tor I, 19-13 [2810], despite the concerted efforts of Brandon Smith 244-249-237: 730 [the day’s top threesome], Johnny Toscano 226-207-210: 643 and Matt Cona 212. Paramus Catholic junior Vicki Vucak led the scoring for BC II with a 206 single.

Defending league champ Bowler City III overwhelmed T-Bowl, 21.5-10.5 behind a strong showing from Nathan Tombo 238-214-224: 676, Tiffany Sucero 249 and Peter Bondy 212; pacing the T-Bowl squad was 14-year-old Tom Luchetta with a middle game 204.

Fueled by triple deuces from Nick Cilento 241-211-212: 664 and Alex McGuire 210-222-203: 635, Holiday I fired nine “200s” in its 23-9 triumph over Hi-Tor II. The other big games for the winners came from Frank Magyar 211-219 and David Neil 213. Rolling well for Hi-Tor II were 15-year-old Nicole Cona 243: 612, 13-year-old Isabella Palamaro 214 and Tappan Zee H.S. sophomore Vinny Avallone 202.

Bowler City I powered its way to a 2410 net in outscoring Lodi, 20-12. Keying BC I was talented Dumont H.S. senior Kyle Schellberg who lifted his average to 228 with a sterling 232-259: 673; contributing as well were Kristen Kane 211-215: 622 and JonMikal Sepero 222. Lodi’s impressive finish earned them eight of their twelve points; Hawthorne H.S. senior Madison Perry found her timing after the opener and closed with 229-243: 637 while anchor Steve Plaszky, also a Hawthorne senior, chipped in with 211: 597.




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2016-2017 Stan Niemiec Youth Traveling League


Oakland, NJ 10-09-16 – The Stan Niemiec Youth Travel League visits six venues this year, one of which, Holiday Bowl, the youthful travelers will gleefully see four times, first of which was Sunday. True to form, the bowler-friendly Oakland house yielded forty-six 200s, four huge “700” sets, five “650+” threesomes and two “600+” series. It’s then no surprise when the beleaguered plastic-coats, seemingly safe in their equilateral triangles, panic and cower in the pits when they see the arrival of the YTL’s talented young bowlers.

Seventeen-year-old North Rockland H.S. senior Johnny Toscano must have had a Cheshire cat grin when he stepped to the approach to start his threesome, sensing he was going to trigger an onslaught of Holiday’s pin decks. Mercilessly pounding the maples, Toscano exploded with a spectacular triple deuce outing: 278-264-248: 790, leading his Hi-Tor I squad past T-Bowl, 23-9; adding on for the victors were Gabriel Duran 222 and Nick Sparta 211. Leading T-Bowl were newcomers’ Tom Luchetta 241 and Chris Rysz 201.

Sizzling Derek Lewandowski smoked the pin decks with games of 232-253-268: 753, igniting torrid defending champ Bowler City III to a 27.5-4.5 mashing of Lodi; the other BC III high rollers were: Nathan Tombo 222-203-226: 651, Tiffany Sucero 211-202 and Peter Bondy 204-203. Best for the Lodi quartet were Tyler and Jake Nappi with 246 and 209 respectively.

Holiday I rebounded from last week’s rough start with a 905-2516 net performance: Frank Magyar 236-255-234: 725, Nick Cilento 220-247-203: 670, David Nell 245-213: 649 and Angela Dinallo 190. Even so, the 19-13 win over Bowler City II didn’t come easily as southpaw Matt Burzynski pummeled the pins with a superb 266-245-233: 744 to keep BC II in the match.

Indian Hills senior Jared Duncan strung games of 209-244-216: 669 to lead Holiday II to a 22-10 pasting of Hi-Tor II whose best scores came from newcomers’ Nicole Cona 212-215: 623 and Isabella Palamaro 211.

Closing out the day’s action, Nick Fabiano blasted 264-200: 656, Matt Russell 223-224-208: 655 and Ryan Kitz 205 as Montvale trounced Bowler City I, 26.5-5.5. Scoring impressively for BC I were distaffers’ Kristen Benavente 234, Janina Santoro 227 and Gabriella Pangaro 211-201.

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2016-2017 Stan Niemiec Youth Travel League


Hackensack, NJ 10-02-16 – A major change in the Stan Niemiec Youth Travel League is the advent of Match Point Scoring which adds the element of individual skill and strategy. Since the teams have four players scoring over three games, the league has introduced a 32-point system: sixteen individual points can be earned along with sixteen team points. Likely confusing at the outset, the concept should prove to be challenging to the bowlers.

Dumont senior Kyle Schellberg, one of the state’s elite high school keglers, laid the groundwork for a hugely successful season by pounding the maples for an opening day high 256-700 threesome as he led Bowler City I to a 29-3 rout of Holiday I; rounding out the victors’ numbers were Trevor Savoye 573, Janina Santoro 519 and newcomer John Behr 512. Best offering from the shell-shocked Holiday I team was Frank Magyar 258-666 along with deuces from Ryan McGuire 209 and Nick Cilento 200.

Hi-Tor Lanes has two squads in the league this season and both catapulted admirably from the gate, with #I crushing Lodi, 27-5 and #II rolling past T-Bowl, 25-7. Last year’s high rollers for Hi-Tor I wasted little time making a statement that they are as potent or even sharper this go-around.  Defending individual high average champ Johnny Toscano [218 avg] fired 242-638 while talented teammates’ Brandon Smith [215 avg] and Nicholas Varano [215 avg] contributed 257-656 and 231-643 respectively. Lodi, back in Stan Niemiec action after a year’s hiatus, recorded deuces from Stephen Plaszky 220, Hassan Izzard 214 and Tyler Nappi 202. The new foursome for Hi-Tor II were spearheaded by Mercedes Morel 212-613, Tor Varano a 214 single and Annamarie Zayas with an impressive 233 finish in the win over T-Bowl, also back in the league after a year’s absence. Top effort for T-Bowl was Daniel Hecker with games of 211, 190.

Montvale prevailed over Bowler City II, 22-10 on the prowess of Pascack Valley junior Henry Tipping who decked the pins with 236-631 and Joseph “Hammer” Mahoney’s 246-611. Southpaw Matt Burzynski carved out a triple deuce 214-224-214: 652 for Bowler City II. Rounding out the afternoon matches, Holiday II turned back defending champion Bowler City III, 21-11 on the strength of deuces from Tom Chamberlain 258, Wade Chamberlain 254 and Esteban Garcia 223. Pacing BC III was Ridgefield Park junior Derek Lewandowski, another of North Jersey’s top bowlers; Derek blasted 655, closing with strong games of 251 and 225, while teammate David Grant added 201,200.


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2016 BCYBA Scholarship Singles Tournament


04/07/16 – The results of the 51st Annual Bergen County Youth Bowling Association Scholarship Singles Tournament held a fortnight ago at Lodi Lanes are now official. All Events winners were Pompton Lakes junior Nick Cilento 2066 [Boys Scratch], Hawthorne junior Madison Perry 1828 [Girls Scratch], Windsor seventh grader Joseph “Hammer” Mahoney 2273 [Division A Handicap] and Fort Lee junior David Grant 2338 [Division B Handicap]. The other scholarship and certificate winners:

Singles: Pascack Valley sophomore Henry Tipping [825]; Henry’s stellar scratch scores were 241-235-289: 765, second best tournament set. Other certificate recipients were Tom Chamberlain [763] and Nick Cilento[750]

Doubles:  Dumont junior Kyle Schellberg and eighth grader Trevor Savoye [1538]. Earning certificates were Tiffany Sucero and Ciara Mottley [1491] along with Alex McGuire and Craig Oriente [1420]

Team: Paramus Catholic junior Kristen Kane, Paramus senior Haley Hassan, Westwood junior Kristen Benavente and Dumont junior Kyle Schellberg [3015]

Singles: Fort Lee junior David Grant [873]; David’s scratch threesome was an impressive 720. Certificate winners were Jenna Bahnsen [852], Dan Shirvan [804]

Doubles: Seventh graders’ Michaella Raab and Joseph “Hammer” Mahoney [1599]; Michaella posted a sparkling 576 while “Hammer” exploded with a tremendous 705. Awarded certificates were Derek Weigl and Matt Myers [1560]

Team:  Westwood senior Daniel Sproviero collaborated with grade schoolers’ Chris Torres, Joseph “Hammer” Mahoney and Michaella Raab to snare the team title [2651], edging Marissa Cosentini, Joe Knoll, Trevor Deliantis & Nick Greco [2646]

Boys High Net Series:   Indian Hills senior Alex McGuire 211-277-278: [766]
Boys High Net Game:   Pompton Lakes junior Nick Cilento 3 0 0 !!!
Girls High Net Series:   Paramus senior Haley Hassan 212-181-256: [649]
Girls High Net Game:   Holy Angels junior Ciara Mottley 258


2015-16 Stan Niemiec YTL Awards Presentations & Year-End Tournament Results


Fair Lawn, NJ 04-03-16 – The Stan Niemiec YTL season-ending Handicap Singles Tournament drew forty-four entries to Fair Lawn where there would be five place winners in the handicap event along with the top boy and girl scratch threesomes. The latter were rolled by Montville H.S. senior Peter Ho 206-199-263: 668 and Clifton junior Gabriella Pangaro 224-214-190: 628. However, since they finished first [812] and third [796] respectively, thus earning higher value scholarship awards, the scratch prizes fell to Brandon Smith 179-225-257: 661 and Kristen Kane 194-202-173: 569. The remaining place winners were: Drew Gille 527/809, Derek Lewandowski 224-225: 646/766 and David Grant 220: 586/751.

Other notable scratch three-game sets: Nick Cilento 234-202: 627, Kyle Schellberg 209-209: 613, Johnny Toscano 209-204: 609 and Antonino Sparta 229: 604.

“200s” not mentioned above were scored by: Nick Reyes 223, 12-year-old Joseph “Hammer” Mahoney 221, Arielle Wallace 220, Tom Chamberlain 213, Peter Hancock 213-203, Michael Milligan 213, Tyler Nappi 212, Devin Crowley 210 and Chris Torres 202.

Upon the tournament’s completion, Stan Niemiec YTL president John Nappi and Treasurer Nancy Wallace presented the following 2015-16 league awards:

Team Champion: Bowler City III [123-45], Second Place: Holiday II [103-65], Third Place: Montvale [95-73]*- won playoff game against Bowler City II [95-73]

BOYS                                                                          GIRLS                                   ____________

 High Average :  Johnny    Toscano   218.17        Madison   Perry             202.51

High Series   :     Brandon  Smith       790             Kristen     Kane             703

High Game     :   Erik    Kattermann  299              Lilly         Sigona           267

Hdcp Series   :    Peter       Hancock   884             Tiffany     Sucero           864

Hdcp Game    :    Nick        Reyes        332             Arielle      Wallace          311

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03/19-20/16 Bergen County Youth Bowling Association Scholarship Tournament


Lodi, NJ 03/20/16 – Participating in the 51st Annual BCYBA Scholarship Tournament at Lodi Lanes, Pompton Lakes’ junior Nick Cilento, the 2015 NJSIAA State Champion, showcasing his considerable talent, electrified entrants and spectators alike in singles play with a 300 game on route to a stellar 720 set. The 16-year-old, an All-North First Team selection again this season, added 709 in doubles and 637 in team for an aggregate 2066, earning him the tournament’s scratch all-events title. Dumont junior Kyle Schellberg finished with 594-699-751: 2044. Indian Hills senior Alex McGuire came away with high scratch series, crushing Lodi’s plastic-coats with 211-277-278: 766 with Pascack Valley sophomore Henry Tipping a pin back with 241-235-289: 765. Paramus senior Haley Hassan prevailed among the girls with 212-181-256: 649. Holy Angels’ junior Clara Mottley excelled with 258 to take girls top single. Capturing the distaff scratch all-events was Hawthorne junior Madison Perry with three solid sets: 636-600-592: 1828; Northern Highlands senior Allie Woodhouse closed with 571-638-615: 1824.

Bearing in mind that the handicap winners won’t be confirmed for another two weeks, here’s a gander at the leaderboard:

Division A

Singles:     Henry      Tipping            846             Alex        McGuire         808

Doubles:   Trevor     Savoye                                  Tiffany     Sucero

                    Kyle        Schellberg        1559            Clara       Mottley          1449


Team:       Lisa         Kane                                       Matt        Myers

                  Haley      Hassan                                   Hassan    Izzard

                  Kristen    Benavente                             Jake        Nappi

Kyle          Schellberg        3009          Tyler        Nappi            2972


All-Events:  Joseph  Mahoney          2273           Kyle        Schellberg     2233


Division B

Singles:         David      Grant               873             Jenna      Bahnsen         804


Doubles:      Michaella  Raab                                  Andrew    Donnelly

Joseph      Mahoney       1605           Drew         Gille               1427


Team:           Olivia       Wank                                    Marissa    Cosentini

Arielle      Wallace                                 Joseph     Knoll

Allison     Woodhouse                         Trevor      Deliantis

Craig         Oriente            2757            Nicholas   Greco           2646


All-Events:   David        Grant              2338           Joseph      Knoll             2281


Some other notable scratch results: Chris Liloia 289, Kyle Schellberg 236-257-258: 751, Nick Cilento 227-300-183: 720, 12-year-old Joseph Mahoney 247-243-215: 705, Joe Malyack 256: 691, Brandon Smith 235: 670, John Toscano 245: 656, Matt Myers 235: 656, Steve Plaszky 224: 656, Nick Greco 259: 639, Frank Magyar 247: 638, 13-year-old Jake Nappi 245: 631, Derek Lewandowski 232: 631, Tyler Nappi 224: 616, Kristen Kane 218: 607, Jenna Bahnsen 216: 594 and 13-year-old Michaella Raab 201: 576.






03/18/16 – The 51st edition of the popular BCYBA Youth Scholarship Tournament will be conducted this weekend at Lodi Lanes. The USBC sanctioned championships will run two squads each day, 1:00 pm and 3:30 pm, consisting of singles, doubles and team events. Handicap will be 100% of the difference between the entrant’s average and 220. Walk-in entries will be permitted, provided there are still openings at squad time.

By this time, most of the young high school keglers in Bergen are aware of who were selected by the Bergen County Coaches Association [BCCA] and the Bergen County Women Coaches Association [BCWCA]. The Bergen Record will post these on Monday, in addition to the selections of reporter Greg Tartaglia for the All-North teams and the Boy/Girl Bowler of the Year.

For those of this writer’s readers who haven’t learned of the coaches’ picks, here they are:

BERGEN COUNTY BOYS FIRST TEAM: Dumont Junior Kyle Schellberg 220.6, Indian Hills Senior Craig Oriente 215.9, Ridgefield Park Sophomore Derek Lewandowski 213.5, Lyndhurst Junior Ryan Donohue 212.8, Indian Hills Junior Jon Mormando 212.3, Indian Hills Junior Jared Duncan 207.6, Indian Hills Senior Alex McGuire 207.0

SECOND TEAM: River Dell Senior Zack DiPirro 206.3, Fort Lee Junior David Grant 204.1, Bergen Charter Senior Chris Navarro 200.3, Indian Hills Sophomore Ryan McGuire 200.0, Paramus Senior Don Lazorchak 199.8, Westwood Senior Kyle Rivers 199.5, North Arlington Senior Tom Ferrie 199.2

THIRD TEAM: St Joseph Junior Nathan Tombo 199.1, Becton Freshman Trevor Deliantis 198.8, Paramus Senior Kohei Ito 197.7, Pascack Valley Sophomore Henry Tipping 197.4,  Ridgewood Sophomore Matt Myers 196.9, Bergenfield Senior Nick Reyes 196.1, Emerson [Park Ridge] Junior Nick Fabiano 196.0

HONORABLE MENTION: Becton – Vinny Kuprat, Raymond O’Neill, Bergen Catholic – Kyle Laube, Jimmy Sullivan; Bergen Charter – Juan Ortega; Bergen Tech – Michael Barna, Jason Lin; Demarest – Joon Cho, Zach Fischberg; Don Bosco – Tim Kisla, Chris Masiano; Fair Lawn – Nick Greco, Tyler Nappi, Sebastian Spadavecchia; Fort Lee – Luke Athanssapoulos; Garfield – Damian Cudzich, Nick Happel, Dylan Petzko, Joseph Tulko; Glen Rock – Ryan Haggerty, Jonathan Lulkin; Hasbrouck Heights – Justin Rinaldi; Leonia – Joseph Biondi; Lyndhurst – James Podolski; Mahwah – Alex Ernst, Chris Salerno, Stefan Strauch; Northern Highlands – Michael Novak; Pascack Valley – Tom Smith; Paramus Catholic – George Held III, Jonmikal Sepero; Park Ridge – Robert Jeune; Queen of Peace – Tom DelliSanti, Alex Rodriguez; Ramsey – Devin Crowley; Ridgefield Park – Rafael Fernandez, Brandon Gerber; Rutherford – John Lee; Teaneck – Trenton Pennington; Westwood – Daniel Sproviero.

GIRLS FIRST TEAM: Holy Angels Junior Tiffany Sucero 197.8, Paramus Catholic Junior Kristen Kane 196.5, Northern Highlands Senior Allison Woodhouse 194.1, Ridgefield Park Junior Danielle Quitola 188.9, Westwood Junior Kristen Benavente 186.5, Cliffside Park Sophomore Gianni Calzadilla 185.5, Paramus Senior Haley Hassan 182.4

SECOND TEAM: Westwood Senior Marissa Stellacci 180.3, Hackensack Senior Janina Santoro 176.1, Bergen Tech Junior Olivia Wank 175.4, Paramus Catholic Senior Abbey Zollo 174.4, Holy Angels Junior Clara Mottley 173.4, Lyndhurst Junior Tyla D’Andrea 173.2, Holy Angels Sophomore Alexa Hernandez 171.2

THIRD TEAM: Hackensack Freshman Arielle Wallace 168.2, Northern Highlands Junior Emily Mamunes 165.0, Paramus Junior Jenai Bacote 164.8, Indian Hills Freshman Rachel Duncan 164.3, Paramus Catholic Sophomore Victoria Vucak 161.6, Paramus Catholic Freshman Alisha Khan 160.5, Hackensack Sophomore Annie Quinn 156.0

HONORABLE MENTION:  Bergen Tech – Sharon Moy, Lauren Paolillo, Marian Yalong; Bogota – Jean Everett-Burdicz, Brianna Timpone; Demarest – Claudia Mattes, Sarah Shanahan; Dumont – Kendra Chaiken, Alyssa Tunick; Fair Lawn – Kristin Albonico; Leonia – Gabrielle Capalad; Lyndhurst – Naomi Ramos; Mahwah – Allison Ariemma; New Milford – Nicole Garcia, Ediza Koch; Park Ridge – Deanna Jeune; Pascack Valley – Jessica Benz, Rachel Doherty; Ramsey – Jenna Bahnsen, Angela Dinallo; Ridgefield Park – Natalie Armstrong, Melissa Lewandowski, Alessandra Wjocicki; Rutherford – Megan Donuhue; Teaneck – Marisol Fonseca, Gail Kelly, Valerie Rosario; Westwood – Gabrielle Stellacci, Maggie Swietkowski; Wood-Ridge – Brittany Larsen

TOP PASSAIC COUNTY BOYS: Passaic Tech Seniors’ Isiah Tolbert 223.9, Anthony Rizzo 218.4, Antonio Napolitano 201.4; Pompton Lakes Juniors’ Nick Cilento 215.81, Esteban Garcia 200.05, Sophomore David Neil 198.45; West Milford Senior Matt Goldberg 210.0, Sophomore Andrew Finke 208.8, Junior Steven Rotella 188.1; Lakeland Junior Dan Hecker 202.8; Hawthorne Junior Steve Plaszky 199.41, Senior Ian Bruinooge 190.38; Wayne Hills Junior Patrick Mayer 192.4, Sophomore Nick Kent 186.7

GIRLS: Wayne Valley Senior Kristine Verbeke 203.9, Junior Claudine Rosca 181.7; Hawthorne Junior Madison Perry 189.20; Manchester Sophomore Shannon Baer 174.45