2015 Bergen County YBA Scholarship Tournament Results



Lodi, NJ  04-05-15 – The official results of the 50th Annual Bergen County YBA were posted this past weekend, confirming that Dumont sophomore Kyle Schellberg’s 2002 and Paramus Catholic sophomore Kristen Kane’s 1669 earned them this year’s scratch all-events titles. Kyle’s 289 was high net boys single while former Paramus Catholic standout Anastasia DeLeon’s 266 was tops among the girls as was her 658 set. Passaic Tech junior Isiah Tolbert’s 723 held up as boys best three-game score.

Tournament Winners in Handicap Events

Division “A” Singles – Greg Khan 745, Isiah Tolbert 729 and Dean Edwards 724.

Division “B” Singles – Justin Milligan 840, Scott Morris 756 and Gabriella Pangaro 734.

Division “A” Doubles – Shane Matthews & Nick Ciatto 1473, Keyshawn Stephens & Lanasia Neal 1461.

Division “B” Doubles – Allison Woodhouse & Nina Petersen 1433, Janina Santoro & Arielle Wallace 1402.

Division “A” Team – Kyle Schellberg, Wade, Tom & Al Chamberlain 2743.

Division “B” Team –  Dana-Marie Laloo, Emily Young, Tiffany Sucero & Madison Perry 2672.

Division “A” All-Events – Dean Edwards 2138 and Greg Khan 2013.

Division “B” All-Events – Derek Lewandowski 2275.

For a more detailed listing of tourney participants’ statistics, go to: j.rizzi.tripod.com/tresults.htm











Stan Niemiec YTL Season-Ending Tournament 03/29/15

* * * * * * *  STAN   NIEMIEC   YOUTH   TRAVEL   LEAGUE   * * * * * * *


Boonton, NJ 03-29-15 – The Stan Niemiec Youth Travel League held its 2014-15 Awards Presentations and season-ending Individual Handicap Tournament at Boonton Lanes Sunday. The beleaguered plastic-coats had nowhere to hide from the talented young keglers who time and time again blitzed the pin decks with devastating power; when the three-game sets were completed by the fifty-five entrants, the resulting numbers resembled what one might expect to view at a Professional Bowlers Tour event. There were twenty-five “600+” threesomes including six exceeding “700” to go along with seventy-two “200s”. In the Boys Division, 16-year-old Nutley junior Chris Liloia, the current two-time Essex County Individual High School Champion, came out of the gate with his best outing ever, a dazzling 300 gem and never looking back, captured the title by adding games of 231-227 for a net/handicap758/890. Finishing strong was PCTI junior Anthony Rizzo who tore through Boonton’s pins with 249-227-252: 728/833 followed by 11-year-old Joseph Mahoney 221-244-188: 653/821 and 15-year-old Steve Plaszky 253-266-211: 730/817. Other mammoth scores were Montville eighth-grader Peter Hancock’s 290 single, Lyndhurst senior Jordan Lopez 257: 709 and Montville sophomore Erik Kattermann 244: 700. Among the girls, Hackensack junior Janina Santoro stormed to a career-best 266-226-220: 712/895 to take first place, holding off North Jersey Bowler of the Year Emily Young 225-210-256: 691/844. Also rolling well were 13-year-old Margaux Lesser 201: 553/802 and Paramus junior Haley Hassan 220-214: 611/788.

2014-15 Stan Niemiec YTL Award Winners:

Team Champion:  Bowler City I [110-65], Second Place: Holiday I [102-73], Third Place: Boonton [94-81].

Boys                                                                                         Girls                                         _____

High Average:  Jordan  Lopez                    218.67              Lilly          Sigona        184.90

High Series   :  Erik      Kattermann           780                  Kristen      Kane           666

High Game   :  Jordan  Lopez, Kyle Schellberg   300       Arielle       Wallace       250

Hdcp Series  :  Nathan Tombo                   930                  Gianni       Calzadilla    837

Hdcp Game  :   Peter Hancock, Steve Plaszky    334       Emily        Young         304



















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2015 Bergen County YBA Scholarship Tournament



Lodi, NJ  03-28-15 – It will likely be another week before the official results of the 50th Annual BC USBC YBA Scholarship Tourney held last weekend at Lodi Lanes are posted online. Of last year’s thirty-one Division “A” Singles participants, an event won by Zack Vitelli [756], twenty-four returned to give it another shot. Co-winners in Division “B” Singles with 793, Allison Homler and Marissa Cosentini, also returned along with most of last season’s entrants. Actually, as the writer reviewed the 2014 entries, very few chose not to play this year in the popular sanctioned handicap youth scholarship tournament.  A quick glance at other 2014 winners: Division A Doubles – Zachary Seegers and Jordan Lopez [1596[; Division B – Katrina and Steve Plaszky [1573]; Division A Team – Ryan Perez, Arielle Wallace, Brittany Hovan and Alex Vorhees [2918]; Division B – Kristen Benavente, Gabriella & Marissa Stellacci and Matt Macchione [3140]; All Events Division A – Nathan Tombo [2163]; All Events Division B – Matt Macchione [2312]; Boys All Events Scratch – Jake Rollins [2135]; High Set Scratch – Jake Rollins [825]; High Game Scratch – Donovan Battistus, Jake Rollins [300]; Girls All Events Scratch – Ana DeLeon [1915]; High Set Scratch – Ana DeLeon [665]; High Game Scratch – Ana DeLeon [259].

As to this year’s competition, some impressive net scores were delivered: Kyle Schellberg 289, Greg Khan 280, Al Chamberlain 269, Nick Cilento 268, Ana DeLeon 266, David Grant 265, Nick Reyes 258 and Keyshawn Stephens 254. Plenty of huge three-game sets as well: Isiah Tolbert 729, Kyle Schellberg 697-693-612, Dean Edwards 694-646, Al Chamberlain 692-665, Greg Khan 688, Matt Burzynski 685, Nick Cilento 680-641, Keyshawn Stephens 676, Tom Chamberlain 666, Justin Milligan 663, Anthony Rizzo 662-609, Ana DeLeon 658, James Kane 657-605, Nick Reyes 649, Derek Lewandowski 646, Tyler Keefe 643, Lilly Sigona 642, Jordan Lopez 639-619, Marissa Rivers 637-617, David Grant 634 Johnny Toscano 624. Unofficial Handicap Events Leaders:  “A” Singles – Ana DeLeon 751; “B” Singles – Gabriella Pangaro 734; “A” Doubles – Shane Mathews & Nick Ciatto 1473; “B” Doubles – Allison Woodhouse & Nina Peterson 1436;  “A” Team – Kyle Schellberg with Al, Tom & Wade Chamberlain 2746; “B” Team – Dana-Marie Laloo, Tiffany Sucereo, Emily Young & Madison Perry 2672; Girls All Events – Michaella Raab 2114.







2014-15 Bergen Record All-North Jersey* H.S. Bowling Teams

 [03-22-15] – All-North Jersey is asterisked since it only includes Bergen-Passaic players as selected by the Bergen Record:


Boys First Team: Pompton Lakes sophomore Nick Cilento, Paramus Catholic senior James Kane, Bergenfield senior Greg Khan, Lyndhurst senior Jordan Lopez, Dumont sophomore Kyle Schellberg, Lyndhurst senior Daijon Smith, Passaic County Tech [PCTI] junior Isiah Tolbert.

Second Team:  Pompton Lakes senior Frank Magyar, DePaul senior Joseph Malyack, Indian Hills junior Alex McGuire, Indian Hills sophomore Jonathan Mormando, Bergenfield junior Nick Reyes, West Milford senior Jeremy Scott, Wallington senior Zachary Seegers.

Bowler of the Year:  Lyndhurst senior Daijon Smith

Team of the Year:   Lyndhurst Golden Bears

Coach of the Year:  Indian Hills’ Mike Michels


Girls First Team:  Paramus Catholic sophomore Kristen Kane, Ridgefield Park sophomore Danielle Quitola, Westwood senior Marissa Rivers, Hackensack junior Janina Santoro, Paramus Catholic senior Lilly Sigona, Wayne Valley junior Kristine Verbeke, Lyndhurst senior Emily Young.

Second Team:  Westwood sophomore Kristen Benavente, Westwood senior Rebecca Davies, Paramus junior Haley Hassan, Pompton Lakes senior Julieanne Kornberg, Clifton sophomore Gabriella Pangaro, Hawthorne sophomore Madison Perry, Holy Angels [AHA] sophomore Tiffany Sucero.

Bowler of the Year:  Lyndhurst senior Emily Young

Team of the Year:    Westwood Cardinals

Coach of the Year:   Westwood’s Dan Rattacasa










Stan Niemiec Youth Travel League Finale 03-22-15


  Montvale, NJ 03-22-15 –   Sixteen Stan Niemiec youth bowlers were named by the Bergen Record to its all Bergen-Passaic H.S. All-Star teams and the Star-Ledger selected seven for All-State honors. In the young travelers’ final session, held at Montvale Lanes, justification for those picks was certainly evident. Lyndhurst senior Jordan Lopez, who had rolled a perfect game during the season for his school, added one Sunday and then followed with 279, giving him 750, the day’s best set. Jordan’s incredible twenty-three strikes in his closing twenty-four frames propelled his North Arlington squad to five of seven points against Lodi and league high average of 218.67; other deuces for the winners were: Vin Amato 216, Haley Hassan 205-202 and Jenai Bacote 200; Pacing Lodi were Steve Kropilak 256 and Nick Ferrante 231.  Pompton Lakes’ sophomore Nick Cilento, this year’s state champion, strung an opening game eleven strikes before ending with a nine-count for 299; Nick then added 216-204 to finish with 719. His Holiday I quartet fired a blistering 2710 net in clinching second place with a sweep of Bowler City II; Frank Magyar set the table for the victors with an impressive high roller consistency, posting 239-246-255: 740; Alex McGuire contributed 259-257: 696 and Lilly Sigona added 189: 555. Pummeling the pins for BC II were Dean Edwards 221-222: 638, Matt Burzynski 218, George Held 193: 558 and Emily Young 191: 552. This year’s champion Bowler City I squad ended its season with a huge 922: 2535 net, capturing seven points to compile a 110-65 record. Kristen Kane came away with girls’ season best set, 225-205-236: 666, clearly ecstatic that she outscored her male teammates. Her brother James came close, rolling 257-207: 662, Jon Mikal Sepero added 244-201: 625 and Anthony Rizzo 235-204.

There was a one-game playoff for third place among three teams and Boonton’s players, having come from behind to earn the tie by firing an 889 net, stayed torrid, firing a 1027 gross to run away from Holiday II’s 976 and Bowler City II’s 917. Peter Hancock delivered 258, Sean McGuire 211 and Adam Gelvan 205 for the win. In its earlier match against Holiday II, Boonton took four points: Matt Chang 235, Sean McGuire 228-213, Peter Hancock 222 and Adam Gelvan 204. Tops for H II were: Joe Malyack 258-214-247: 719, Craig Oriente 246-220-234: 700, Justin Milligan 202-192 and Devin Crowley 195. Matt Russell blasted 233-215-228: 676, Henry Tipping 220 and Nick Fabiano 200-197 for Montvale which managed three points from Fair Lawn’s squad: Steve Plaszky 265: 628, Hunter Perry 246: 602 and Tyler Nappi 216-203. Bowler City III topped T-Bowl behind Gianni Calzadillo 245-210: 629, Greg Khan 208, Nick Reyes 203 & Derek Lewandowski 193; Matt Morris led T-Bowl with 225-204: 615.


























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2014-15 Bergen-Passaic All-County H.S. Bowling Selections

03-21-15] – As selected by the respective Bergen and Passaic Coaches Association:


Boys First Team: Paramus Catholic senior James Kane, Lyndhurst senior Daijon Smith, Dumont Sophomore Kyle Schellberg, Bergenfield senior Greg Khan, Lyndhurst senior Jordan Lopez, Wallington senior Zachary Seegers, Indian Hills’ sophomore Jonathan Mormando.

Second Team:   Bergenfield junior Nick Reyes, Indian Hills junior Alex McGuire, St Joseph {Montvale] sophomore Nathan Tombo, Paramus junior Kohei Ito, Indian Hills junior Craig Oriente, North Arlington junior Tyler Keefe, Indian Hills’ sophomore Jared Duncan.

Third Team:  Lyndhurst sophomore Ryan Donohue, Pascack Valley senior Ryan Vasel, Paramus Catholic freshman JonMikal Sepero, Fort Lee sophomore David Grant, Paramus sophomore Don Lazorchak, Westwood junior Kyle Rivers, Bergen A&S Charter junior Chris Navarro.

Teams of the Year: Lyndhurst [Group I – II] and Indian Hills [Group III – IV]

Coach of the Year:  Indian Hills’ Mike Michels


Girls First Team:  Lyndhurst senior Emily Young, Paramus Catholic senior Lilly Sigona, Westwood senior Marissa Rivers, Paramus Catholic sophomore Kristen Kane, Ridgefield Park sophomore Danielle Quitola, Hackensack junior Janina Santoro, Westwood sophomore Kristen Benavente.

Second Team:  Paramus junior Haley Hassan, AHA sophomore Tiffany Sucero, Paramus Catholic junior Abbey Zollo, AHA freshman Alexa Hernandez, Paramus senior Katie Gengler, Northern Highlands junior Allison Woodhouse, Cliffside Park freshman Gianni Calzadilla.

Third Team:  Bergen Tech senior Aimee Balleza, Paramus Catholic freshman Victoria Vucak, Paramus sophomore Jenai Bacote, Dumont sophomore Kendra Chaiken, Fair Lawn junior Kristen Albonico, Bergen Tech sophomore Olivia Wank, Paramus senior Tara Lucas.

County Champion:  Westwood

Coach of the Year:  Westwood’s Dan Rattacasa



Boys First Team:  PCTI junior Isiah Tolbert, DePaul senior Joseph Malyack, Lakeland senior Tyler Knipping, Pompton Lakes’ sophomore Nick Cilento, West Milford junior Matt Goldberg, Pompton Lakes senior Frank Magyar, West Milford senior Jeremy Scott, Wayne Valley senior Josh Spiegel.

Second Team:  PCTI junior Anthony Rizzo, West Milford freshman Matt Brotherton, PCTI senior Austin Burtwell, Wayne Valley senior Matt Morris, Hawthorne sophomore Steve Plaszky, West Milford sophomore Steve Rotella, Pompton Lakes freshman David Neil, PCTI senior Michael Williams, PCTI senior John Silvestro.

Team of the Year:   Passaic County Tech

Coach of the Year:  PCTI’s Audrey Jantzen


Girls First Team:  Wayne Valley junior Kristine Verbeke, Hawthorne sophomore Madison Perry, Clifton sophomore Gabby Pangaro, Pompton Lakes senior Julieanne Kornberg, Wayne Valley sophomore Claudine Rosca, Wayne Valley senior Dawn Hansen, Wayne Valley senior Marissa Luzzi, Manchester freshman Shannon Baer.

Second Team:  Hawthorne junior Katrina Plaszky, Wayne Valley senior Jessica Whiteside, PCTI junior Natalie Puente, Eastern Christian senior Hana Schwartz, DePaul sophomore Morgan O’Neill, Lakeland freshman Julia Paradiso, Lakeland junior Isabella Parker, Lakeland sophomore Kellie Affinto, DePaul junior Brianna Hughes.

Team of the Year:  Wayne Valley

Coach of the Year:  Wayne Valley’s Jason Wilke


A reminder to all sanctioned youth bowlers: this weekend is the 50th annual USBC BCYBA Scholarship Tournament at Lodi Lanes, 1:00 & 3:30 pm squads.









Stan Niemiec Youth Travel League Update 03-15-15


Fair Lawn, NJ 03-15-15 –   In a Stan Niemiec YTL position battle for the top rung at Fair Lawn, defending champion Holiday I’s players gave it all they had, rolling the session’s second best net threesome of 2491 against league-leading Bowler City I, but it wasn’t nearly enough; Bowler City I, which went on to blast a league best 2713 net series, came out of the gate in spectacular fashion, exploding for a league net single high 1021: JonMikal Sepero 280, Kristen Kane 225, with Kyle Schellberg and James Kane each adding 258.  Seemingly undaunted, the talented Holiday I quartet bounced back with a second game win, but then despite a torrid third game finish, succumbed to the relentless power surge of their opponents who clinched the title with a 894-852 scratch. The individual scores for this year’s champs: Kyle Schellberg 258-237-239:  734, James Kane 258-211-253: 722, JonMikal Sepero 280-184-201: 669 and Kristen Kane 225-166-201: 592; for Holiday I: Nick Cilento 236-206-257: 699, Frank Magyar 227-230-205: 662, David Neil 209-200 and Ryan McGuire 193.

In other matchups, Bowler City II broke a deadlock for third place with a hard-earned 2925-2834 triumph over Holiday II; pacing the winners were Dean Edwards 266-234: 680, Matt Burzynski 246 and George Held 202; deuces posted by Holiday II were Al Chamberlain 246-232-211: 689, Wade Chamberlain 219, Tom Chamberlain 217 and Devin Crowley 212. Boonton grabbed four points from Lodi behind Karl Kattermann 234-257-235: 726 and Matthew Chang 222; rolling well for Lodi were Chris Navarro 218-202 and Steve Kropilak 202-197. Streaking North Arlington leapfrogged to sixth place with a 5-2 conquest of Montvale behind the combined strong outing of Tyler Keefe 239-214, Chris Liloia 238: 609 and Donovan Battistus 222-194. Best for Montvale were Chris Torres 192 and 12-year-old Michaella Raab with a +57 over average threesome, closing her set with a net 169.

Fair Lawn climbed to eighth with a sweep of shorthanded Bowler City III behind Tyler Nappi 226, Steve Plaszky 217 and Madison Perry 208; Greg Khan and Derek Lewandowski led BC III with 227 and 187 respectively. T-Bowl had no trouble exceeding the vacancy score and took seven points with impressive showings from the Wayne Valley seniors, Matt Morris 269-235: 684 and Josh Spiegel with a pair of 212 singles.

With a week remaining, on the strength of his stellar 734 set, Kyle Schellberg regained the individual average lead with 216.39 to Jordan Lopez’ 215.53. James Kane’s 722 now has him third with 210.92 and Karl Kattermann’s 726 pulled him to 210.54…awesome numbers.


























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