2014 49th Annual BCYBA Scholarship Tournament



Lodi, NJ 04-13-14 – The highly successful 49th Annual Bergen County Youth Bowling Association Scholarship Tournament results have been released. Huge numbers were posted in the late March weekend event held at Lodi Lanes and, not surprisingly, 17-year-old State Bowler of the Year Glen Rock senior Jake Rollins captured the scratch all-events crown; Jake blasted a dazzling 2135, an average of 237.22 for his nine games which included a phenomenal “300” game, 825 threesome; it was the third consecutive all-events title earned by Rollins in this annual competition. Firing the other tournament “300”, his first sanctioned perfecto, was 15-year-old Donovan Battistus. The Girls’ all-events winner was former Paramus Catholic star Anastasia DeLeon with a 1915 net. In the handicap matches, Ana took second in Singles “A” and runnerup in Doubles “A” with DePaul junior Joseph Malyack.

Tournament Winners

High Net 3-Game Set:  [Boys] – Jake Rollins 825 [Girls] – Anastasia DeLeon 665

High Net Single: [Boys] – Donovan Battistus, Jake Rollins 300; [Girls] – Anastasia DeLeon 259

Handicap Events:  Division “A” Singles – Zach Vitelli 756, Anastasia DeLeon 752, Matt Burzynski 749 and Alijah Jackson 744. Division “B” Singles – Allison Homler and Marissa Cosentini 793. Division “A” Doubles – Jordan Lopez and Zachary Seegers 1596, Anastasia DeLeon and Joseph Malyack 1545, Nick and Louis Ferrante 1473. Division “B” Doubles – Katrina and Steven Plaszky 1573, Kristen Benavente and Matt Macchione 1512. Division “A” Team – Ryan Perez, Arielle Wallace, Brittany Hovan and Alex Vorhees 2918; Donovan Battistus, Tyler Keefe, Zachary Seegers and Jordan Lopez 2890. Division “B” Team – Kristen Benavente, Gabriella and Marissa Stellacci, Matt Macchione 3140.

For complete results, note the link:











Oakland, NJ 04-06-14 – In the Stan Niemiec Youth Travel League season-ending singles tournament, Karl Kattermann, in fifth place, eighteen pins from the top after two games, ran away from the forty-three player field with a closing 299, coming light into the pocket with his twelfth delivery, leaving the 2-pin.  Finishing with a 752 net, 836 handicap score, Karl put a cap on his tremendous season in which his Montville H.S. squad captured a state group title and he was named to the all-state second team. In Stan Niemiec competition, his Boonton team earned third place honors as he posted a 208 average, the league’s fourth best. Holiday’s Frank Magyar, twenty-first going into his third game, pounded out 278, the afternoon’s second best single, to finish in second place with 697/790 while Boonton’s Erik Kattermann carved out a triple deuce 665/779 to take third place.

The other top entrants: Nathan Tombo 580/763, Ana DeLeon 599/761, Steve Plaszky 623/758, Anthony Rizzo 647/752, Michaella Raab 453/750, Vin Santoro 590/743, Matt O’Dea 623/743, Arielle Wallace 504/738, Brittany Hovan 575/737, Alijah Jackson 568/736, Mariah McKelvey 399/735, Chris Navarro 602/734, Hassan Izzard 538/733, Matt Myers 582/732, Tiffany Sucero 513/732, Randy Devitt 497/731, Louis Ferrante 534/729 and Alex McGuire 617/725.

Stan Niemiec YTL Awards Winners:

Team Champion: Holiday [113-62], Second Place: Bowler City I [96-79], Third Place: Boonton [95-80].

Boys                                                                                   Girls                                                         

High Average:  Jake       Rollins            230.72              Jessica        Torres         190.03

High Series    :  James    Kane               748                   Kelley         Grippo         720

High Game    :  Karl       Kattermann   279                   Dana-Marie Laloo          249

Welmer  Paguay           279

Hdcp Series  :  Nick       Reyes              859                  Madison       Perry          875

Hdcp Game  :  Hammer Mahoney       342                  Michaella     Raab           315

















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04-06-14 – Despite the winter high school leagues ending with the NJSIAA Championships in February, youth bowling continues to flourish in North Jersey. When available, I’ll post the official winners of the BCYBA Scholarship Tournament held in March. Meanwhile, here’s some flashy stats from ongoing youth leagues.

In the Matchplay 2014 Youth Doubles at Bowler City, Paramus Catholic junior James Kane recently fired 300: 782 and followed it up this past week with 279: 746 to lift his six-week average to a scorching 233.50. Fourteen-year-old Matt Myers’ average is now 200.61 after firing 252-236-234: 722. Other top averages to date are Dumont freshman Kyle Schellberg 214.56, Bergen Tech senior Dean Edwards 214.40,  DePaul senior Joe Malyack 211.20, Paramus Catholic senior Brian Rizzi 203.39 and Rutherford senior Banny Bivin 201.78. Some of North Jersey’s elite distaff keglers are tearing up the lanes as well: Paramus Catholic senior Nikki Vucak 203.27, AHA senior Kelley Grippo 200.07 [she blistered the maples with 276: 715] and Paramus senior Brittany Hovan 189.73.

Over in Oakland at Holiday Bowl, they have a Junior Gold Scratch league, an Adult-Junior competition and a Junior Doubles league. The Junior Gold has twenty-three entries, currently led by Joe Malyack 50 points, Alex McGuire 48 and Kyle Schellberg 46. Considering the challenging conditions associated with Junior Gold competition, scores have been impressive: Nick Cilento 279, Kyle Stefanic 269, Kyle Schellberg 267 and Al Chamberlain 258. Series highs [4-game sets]: Al Chamberlain 880, Kyle Schellberg 872, Justin Puchalski 863 and Kyle Stefanic 819.

In the Adult-Junior league, Pompton Lakes freshman Nick Cilento sports a 205.93 average, a 278 game and a 757 threesome; Indian Hills freshman Jonathan Mormando has a 188.28 average, a 247 single and a 668 set; Ryan McGuire  is at 187.20 and has posted 255: 699.

In the Monday Doubles, the young keglers have been high rollers, with nine averaging “200+”: Al Chamberlain 234, Joe Malyack 220, Alex McGuire 216 Nick Cilento 212, Craig Oriente 210, Brian Rizzi 207, Tom Chamberlain 206, Dillon Cilento 204 and Jonathan Mormando 203. Al Chamberlain blasted a perfect game opening week and two weeks ago, pounded out an eye-popping 826 set while Nick Cilento reached the pinnacle of perfection, stringing twelve for his first 300. Joe Malyack has hit 279: 772, Dillon Cilento a 290 single and Craig Oriente a 718 series. Paramus Catholic junior Lilly Sigona is honing her skills in this league as well, averaging 180 with a season high 236: 637.


Stan Niemiec Youth Travel League Update: 03-30-14



Hackensack, NJ 03-30-14 – The media named Holy Angels’ senior Kelley Grippo to the All-North First Team and she demonstrated why in this week’s youth travelers’ season finale, pounding out a session-best 694 in leading Bowler City II to a convincing sweep of Bowler City III, 3048-2829. Kelley was spot-on as she followed strong games of 224-211 with 259, the day’s top single. As leadoff kegler, she set the pace for her teammates who responded in impressive fashion: Dean Edwards 224: 615, George Held 225-203: 602 and Joe Biondi 197. BC III flashed bright numbers as well, led by anchor Nick Reyes 222-214-216: 652, Greg Khan 256 and Dana-Marie Laloo 197-194.

League champion Holiday finished the year on a high note, blasting an 896 net in taking five of seven points from Boonton. Frank Magyar, who had already posted games of 207-203, ended his session with 255 for 665, second high threesome for the day. Lilly Sigona tallied 225, Ryan McGuire 209 and anchor Nick Cilento closed with 207. Nick, who earlier had struck for 243, shot a 621 set, one of twelve which lit up the telescores. Boonton, which ended in third place, used five players interchangeably, resulting in just two games bowled by the Kattermann brothers, with Erik edging the Star-Ledger’s All-North Bowler of the Year Karl, 193-257: 450 to 221-222: 443. Matt O’Dea had the squad’s other deuce offerings, 236-202.

Last year’s champion Bowler City I settled for the runner-up slot by coming from behind to take three points from Montvale, which had shot from the gate with two quick wins, rolling power games of 995-1011. BC I used its strongest lineup and the players didn’t disappoint, producing four “600+” sets: Kyle Schellberg 223-247: 654, Welmer Paguay 246-203: 644, James Kane 205-245: 644 and Anthony Rizzo 202-212: 613. Montvale benefited from an outstanding threesome from Katie Didonato 234-204: 621 while Jessica and Chris Torres added 205 and 204 respectively.

Lodi rolled to a sweep of Fair Lawn, 2983-2738 behind Chris Navarro 219-224: 632 and Avery Brown 212-197. Madison Perry’ 211 and Steve Plaszky’s 192 led the Fair Lawn quartet. Next week’s Individual Tournament and Awards Presentations will be held in Oakland at Holiday Bowl, culminating a stellar year for the youth travelers.
















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2014 BCYBA Scholarship Tournament – Day Two: 03-23-14


Lodi, NJ 03-24-14 – Despite the USBC sanctioned BCYBA Scholarship Tournament being a 100% handicap event, some of North Jersey’s top 200+ average youth bowlers decided to showcase their exceptional talent on both Sunday squads and indeed they did: NJSIAA State Champ Jake Rollins obliterated Lodi’s pins with 300-268-257: 825 in Doubles with Immaculata’s Zack Vitelli 236-233: 644, but the imposing 1469, although surpassing Saturday’s 1460 [Rollins (772)/Macchia (688)], would not be the best scratch twosome. A pair of All-North First Team high school standouts, Wallington junior Zachary Seegers and Lyndhurst junior Jordan Lopez combined for 1484 [Seegers 258-254-234: 746 & Lopez 204-255-279: 738]. The afternoon squad produced the other perfect game: fifteen-year-old Donovan Battistus, who earlier teamed with another All-North standout, North Arlington sophomore Tyler Keefe in Doubles 1342 [Battistus 259: 658/Keefe 278: 694], took no prisoners in game one of the team event, delivering a twelve-bagger for his first ever sanctioned 300 and finished with 696. Teammates’ Keefe 256: 669, the red-hot Seegers 264: 715 & Lopez 233: 591 produced an impressive 2671 scratch, an average of 222+/bowler.

It will take some time for the tournament directors to calculate the final results after the arduous task of verifying averages, but they hope to have the winners posted on the BCYBA website within the next fortnight.

In the interim, here are some of the other impressive numbers rolled on Sunday:

Joe Malyack 268: 712 & 221: 611, Isiah Tolbert 235: 700 & 212: 593, Matt Burzynski 248: 695, Will Blanco 265: 693, Anastasia DeLeon 259: 665 & 223: 624, Al Chamberlain 248: 660, Daijon Smith 258: 658, Jake Rollins 225: 649, Matt Myers 278: 643, Chris Navarro 257: 640, James Kane 222: 631, Nick Reyes 224: 626, Kyle Schellberg 212: 624,  Alijah Jackson 225: 615, Trevor Deliantis 245: 607, Welmer Paguay 214: 607, Tyler Witte 201: 596, Jessica Torres 223: 595 and Lilly Sigona 211: 588.


Stan Niemiec Youth Travel League Update: 03-23-14


Lodi, NJ 03-23-14 – A busy afternoon at Lodi Lanes with day two of the BCYBA Scholarship Tournament on one side of the house and the Stan Niemiec Youth Travel League on the other. The latter produced nine “600” sets, led by two-handed righty Greg Khan 198-202-257: 657 whose Bowler City III quartet dropped a nail-biting, highly competitive contest, 2932-2928, to Bowler City II. Teammate Nick Reyes held his 202+ average with games of 225-203 and Tiffany Sucero was well above average, posting 187-182. Surviving the three-point finale, 1005-992, BC II benefited from stellar scores from Alex Vorhees 224: 611, Brittany Hovan 222-209, Joe Biondi 219 and Arielle Wallace 186-183.

Combining the efforts of high school powerhouses’ Indian Hills and Pompton Lakes players, Holiday stormed it’s way to this year’s championship with a convincing 5-2 triumph over Bowler City I,  blasting four “600” sets in the process: Frank Magyar 246-225: 643, Alex McGuire 222-222: 631, thirteen-year-old Ryan McGuire 227-212: 622 and Nick Cilento 221-213: 610. The BC I squad, which dropped to third place, were led by Vin Santoro 210-199 and Anthony Rizzo 198.

In another position encounter, Boonton leapfrogged into second place, sweeping seven points from Montvale with a booming 3094, the league’s high handicap threesome; the entire squad was significantly over average, notably thirteen-year-old Peter Hancock and Montville junior Randy Devitt who came through with personal season best outings. Peter fired a huge 841 handicap set with his first “600+”, 224-215-192: 631 and Randy had 234, his high league single; rounding out Boonton’s solid effort were Matt O’Dea 213-201 and Sean McGuire 206. Pacing Montvale were ten-year-old Joseph “Hammer” Mahoney with 192, Kyle Ladewig with a pair of 181 games, Dan Sproviero a 176 and continued notable improvement from eleven-year-old Michaella Raab with a +31 score of 160.

Hawthorne freshman Steve Plaszky fired the day’s only triple deuce set, 203-212-218: 633 and twelve-year-old Hunter Perry added 213-204: 605 as Fair Lawn won five of seven points from Lodi, 2819-2777. Lodi’s best came from Chris Navarro 223-193 and eleven-year-old Louis Ferrante 192.


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2014 BCYBA Scholarship Tournament – Day One: 03-22-14

Lodi, NJ 03-22-14 – The 49th Annual BCYBA Scholarship Tournament began today at Lodi Lanes with an impressive number of entries filling the entire left side of the house. Although it is a handicap event [100% of 220 scratch/bowler], there are the customary boy and girl scratch awards for top score in all-events, high series and high game. Glen Rock senior Jake Rollins is looking for a “three-peat” as all events winner, having won with 2017 in 2012 and 2077 last year,  both at Fair Lawn Lanes. Going into Day Two and his team event, Jake leads the scratch parade with 279: 714 in his Singles effort and 280:  772 in Doubles, teaming with Kevin Macchia’s 243: 688.

There were a number of other very impressive posts in today’s competition: Zack Vitelli, a member of state power Immaculata, smoked the pins with 288: 756. Pompton Lakes junior Frank Magyar fired 279: 705, Hawthorne freshman Steve Plaszky 235: 639 and 249: 688. DePaul junior Joe Malyack 246: 687, BASCS sophomore Chris Navarro who bowled this past season with Hackensack, 236: 672 and 221: 603, Bergenfield sophomore Nick Reyes 257: 663,  Bergen Tech senior Dean Edwards 268: 657, Al Chamberlain 233: 649, Pompton Lakes freshman Nick Cilento 223: 636, Paramus senior Brittany Hovan 226: 633 and 228: 610, Paramus Catholic senior Brian Rizzi 247: 627, Anastasia DeLeon 235: 626, Paramus Catholic junior James Kane 211: 613, Kevin Macchia 225: 609 and 11-year-old Louis Ferrante 227: 606.  There were many other fine games thrown, not all which I captured, so I’ll close by mentioning that 12-year-old Hunter Perry blasted a 264 and Dumont freshman Kyle Schellberg 235-212.

Sunday’s squads should produce another slew of excellent outings and bear in mind that the Stan Niemiec Youth Traveling League will also be at Lodi tomorrow. It will be a long day for some of the youth travelers who have entered the 3:30 pm tournament squad as well. The scores were huge today; let’s hope we see more of the same on Day Two.